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Knit One, Pray Too – Mistakes aren’t forever

Our easy going group of makers have been busy learning new skills and turning out useable objects for people we love – hats, scarves, shawls, and blankets. We’re fearless, and then fearful that the stitch that dropped or any hole or lump or funny spot that somehow turned up in our work will turn out to be somehow ruined, unredeemable, unloveable. How easy it is to focus on one tiny spot and miss the wonder of the whole!


Baby Blanket – approaching half way mark…

We’re all at different stages in learning how to right the wrongs of past rows. Sometimes, we have to lean on each other to figure it out. Sometimes we don’t get it right the first time. Sometimes we have to start over – but that is OK. The only mess we can’t make better is the mess we abandon.

We’re not shooting for perfection. We are making. We are sharing our gifts. We are sharing our caring for others with every stitch we make (or unmake). If we happen to hit perfection, we’ll take it with a word of thanks.

Knitters see life in knitting, meditate on life while knitting, and pour their good wishes into every stitch they make for others. We meet in the Parlor or the History Room opposite the Parlor at 10 am on Sunday mornings. Bring your knitting or just yourself – we have what you need to get started. Learn at your own pace, you are welcome to share your time with us and we’ll share our experiences with you.