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Communion for our Homebound Friends

Hands_Holding_BreadOne of the ways that Druid Hills Presbyterian Church strives to connect the members in our pews with those whose health may prohibit them from gathering as part of the worshipping community is through “extended communion.”

Extended Communion¬†allows us to create a satellite worship experience which branches off of a service on the Lord’s Day. This means that the bread and cup are extended beyond the bounds of the sanctuary to those who are isolated from worship. Our PCUSA Book of Order outlines the following parameters for the extension of the table (W-3.3616e):

  • The serving of the elements may be extended by two or more [elders], who are provided instruction about the theological and pastoral foundations of this ministry.
  • The elements are to be served¬†following worship on the same calendar day, or as soon thereafter as practically feasible, as a direct extension of the serving of the gathered congregation, to church members who have accepted to receive the Sacraments.
  • Care is taken in the serving to ensure that the unity of Word and Sacrament is maintained, by reading Scripture and offering prayers.

Are you and Elder who is interested in serving home communion? If you would like to be part of our home communion ministry, please contact Kathy Saxbury. You will be provided with instructions and supplies for sharing this holy meal with members of our church who can’t make it to worship.

Are you a member, who would like to visit and participate in home communion? Interested members, who have not been ordained as elders, will be partnered with elders and will be provided instructions for sharing this holy meal. Contact Kathy Saxbury with interest or questions.

Would you like to receive home communion? DHPC is working towards a schedule of quarterly home/extended table communion. If you, or a loved one, would like to receive communion as part of an extension of a DHPC worship service, please contact Kathy Saxbury.