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A Reflection on Communion for the Homebound

At Druid Hills Presbyterian Church, we are blessed with an amazing congregation.  Every week in worship our pews are occupied by women, men, and children who all bring much joy and happiness to our church. However, we also have many members who are unable to join us on Sunday mornings due to poor health or other factors. As a congregation we strive to find ways to keep them connected and a part of the loving family that is Druid Hills.  This past Sunday, we started a practice called “Extended Serving of the Communion of the Church.” This is a practice where, following worship, an ordained minister, elder, or deacon and a partner visit the home a homebound member or friend of DHPC. The partner teams serve the Lord’s Supper to the individuals they are visiting and his or her family and friends using and abbreviated order of the service.  Teams also bring a copy of the day’s bulletin. In this way, we have extend the worship service from the morning and include those who could not physically be in the pews.

Since Sunday, February 7, DHPC staff has received wonderful feedback from all those who ventured out to serve communion. One member, Margaret Ross, stated that during her visit, she “visited, listened, laughed, shared communion, prayed and sang!” Others mentioned that they experienced as much happiness serving communion as those who received it. Others still said they hope this can become a regular occurrence in the life of the church. We have listened and we agree!!! We have decided to start extending home communion every two months, on the third Sunday of the month.  The next opportunity to share in the experience of extended communion will be on Sunday, March 20.  More information will be sent out in the weeks to come, but if you are interested in helping on the 20th, or are interested in helping in the future, but are unavailable to help this time around, please contact Kathy Saxbury. You do not need to be ordained to serve as staff will pair you with a minister, elder, or deacon to go out on your visit.


DHPC member Yolanda Tamsen with seminary intern Kathy Saxbury.

On a related note, church staff and session are working on creating a library of pictures of church events. We are hoping to be able to share photos of events in the life of the church to our homebound friends. Viewing pictures was very exciting for folks to see when we visited and we would like to be able to continue that practice. So, if you are at a church event, no matter where that event is, please take pictures and send them to Kathy Saxbury or Elizabeth Acton.

These opportunities to visit and worship with our home-bound members in their homes is a wonderful experience that can be quite fulfilling for everyone involved. I pray that all of you will consider joining us in this exciting extension of worship.

Blessings to all!

Kathy Saxbury