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Looking Toward Lent, March 13

This Sunday, we wrap up our ReLent focus on spiritual practices with reflection on the concept of Christian vocation. (Next week, we’ll venture through the entire palm and passion narrative to prepare ourselves for Holy Week.) Vocation is different than “a job”; a person’s vocation is a call from God to a particular type of work. I find it hard to imagine a better time than Lent, a season of intentional reflection and preparation, to explore Christian vocation. We’ll open the story of the prodigal son, looking at the contrasting ways that the brothers experience work. We’ll wrestle with the “shoulds” and “supposed tos” that the world and we tell ourselves about our occupations. And we’ll think outside the box together about the types of work we may be called to, which may call for a job change, be outside our career path, or continue despite our retirement, enrollment in school, etc.

We are blessed to serve a God who calls us into the work of God’s realm making. Let us explore together how we might answer this call during this holy season.

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  •  Key Scripture: Luke 15:1-3, 11B-32
  • Sermon: ReLent: Repurpose
  • Next Sunday:            Palm and Passion Sunday

Peace be with you,