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Looking Toward Sunday, April 3

Let’s start with a brief recap: Christ was arrested, stood trial, and was sentenced to death on a cross.  Christ died on that cross and three days later defeated death and was risen from the dead.  This is where the doubt seems to begin.

Many people rush right to the story of Doubting Thomas, but if you read through the various accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, it’s pretty clear that Thomas was not the only one who did not believe right away.  Some of the disciples had to run to the tomb to see for themselves that it was empty.  None of those who were in the room with Jesus after the resurrection realized that it was him until after Jesus broke bread in front of them.  Between Thomas and the rest of the disciples and followers of Christ, there was plenty of fear and doubt to go around.

This week, we will continue to celebrate the Risen Christ while we also ask the question, what do we do now?  Our Scripture lesson for Sunday is John 20:19-31.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we explore together how we can live out our faith, even if we are dealing with doubts and fears of our own.

Kathy Saxbury, Columbia Theolgical Seminary Pastoral Care Intern