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Looking Toward Sunday, May 8

It’s not every Sunday that the scripture reading offers up the tale of an exorcism. But that’s what we get this week. A slave woman is possessed by a demon, and after she drives Paul and Silas nuts with her constant shouting after them, Paul, in a fit of annoyance, heals her. Her owners are angry because she has lost her fortune-telling powers, and they have Paul and Silas thrown in jail.

The reading offers up the perfect intersection of commerce and Christianity, and then adds a sprinkling of persecution for practicing the faith. What do we do when our faith gets in the way of commerce? In a world in which Christians claim that wishes of “Happy Holidays” are a “War on Christmas” what can Paul and Silas’ prison sentences teach us about Christian persecution? Join us this week as we explore oppressive systems (that the church plays a part in and is the victim of) and ask what our role and responsibility is when people are unjustly imprisoned spiritually and physically.

It is a privilege to explore God’s word with you each week. See you in church,