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Looking Toward Sunday, August 7, 2016

Our passage for Sunday has some of the Jesus’ followers bickering about money and how the inheritance is divided. Jesus responds with a tale about the modern day equivalent of knocking down a moderately sized ranch style house to build a McMansion. Then Jesus asks the question, “When the end comes what will happen to all your stuff?” Join us Sunday, as we wrestle with how we measure whether our lives are successful and where we find our comfort.

We have a special treat in store, as well. As our choir wraps up their final week of Summer Sabbath, we will be joined by the music ministry team of Shalom International Ministry. Shalom is part of Greater Atlanta Presbytery, a New Church Development which is primarily made up of refugees and immigrants, particularly new arrivals to the United States residing in Clarkston, Georgia. The congregation represents sixteen countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Congo-Brazzaville, Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Angola, Bhutan, and the United States. The song selection includes a multitude of languages, including French, Portuguese, Swahili, Arabic, and Ewe. It is sure to be a vibrant reminder of the great expanse of God’s church.

Focal Scripture:      Luke 12:13-21
Reflection Title:      “The One Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins”

I look forward to being with you again,