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Looking Toward Sunday, March 5, 2017

This Sunday is our first during the season of Lent. The forty days (which don’t include Sundays), which lead up to Easter provide an opportunity for us to reorient ourselves to God, to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice, and to be reminded that our faith walk is a constant journey. This year, our theme Core Strength: 40 Days of Spiritual Fitness, provides opportunities to explore different spiritual disciplines. There will be opportunities to learn and to practice together. We begin with a look at the practice of fasting.

When we encounter Jesus in our scripture for Sunday, he has been fasting in the wilderness for 40 days. Before this he has been baptized, and after this he begins his adult ministry. Jesus’ time in the desert is time of preparation.  Join us Sunday as we explore different kinds of fasts. What do we need to turn away from this Lent in order to turn more fully towards God?

Don’t forget that there are many who have no choice about foregoing food, and we walk together as a community to support those without adequate nutrition. I hope you will make plans to join us at the Hunger Walk, too.

  • Focal Scripture – Luke 4:1-13
  • Sermon Title – “Spiritual Exercise: Fasting”

I look forward to this journey and to taking it with you,