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Looking Toward Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jesus stayed busy. During the three years of his ministry, he healed, taught, preached, prayed, went on walks, and shared lots of meals. But those stretches of action are punctuated by moments away from the crowds. Sometimes we have the chance to witness Jesus’ alone time, like in the garden before his arrest. But, understandably, how Jesus used his time away is a little more illusive, as in our scripture for Sunday, with just one simple line: But he would withdraw to deserted places and pray.

Join us Sunday as we explore the ways that Jesus practiced solitude and how we might embrace the practice of purposefully getting away to strengthen our relationship with God and our service to God in the world.

  • Focal Scripture – Luke 5:12-16
  • Sermon Title – “Spiritual Exercise: Solitude”

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

See you on Sunday,