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Looking Toward Sunday, April 23, 2017

I lose my keys . . . a lot. And quite often, they are hiding in plain sight – at the edge of my dresser, at the corner of my computer monitor, in my actual hand. Sometimes, we don’t recognize the things that are right in front of us.

In our scripture for Sunday, post-resurrection Jesus travels seven miles with two disciples, chatting the whole way. But they don’t recognize that it’s Jesus. Why would they? By all logic, he should be in the grave. Join us on Sunday as we imagine how we might be more perceptive to our living God’s presence. What does the world look like if we see it through the lenses of resurrection?

We have a special treat in store musically, as the Clayton State University Collegium shares their gifts, with music from the Mass for Three Voices by William Byrd.

And we will make promises to Sage Simpson, as her parents, Dave and Neely present her for the sacrament of baptism.

  • Focal Scripture – Luke 5:13-35
  • Sermon Title – “Resurrection Colored Glasses”

It is sure to be a joyful day to celebrate the risen Lord!

See you in the pews,