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Looking Toward Sunday, April 30, 2017

During my early ministry, I organized a lot of Youth Sundays and directed more youth plays and Christmas pageants than I can count. There was always the youth who only wanted to be the narrator, the one who wanted the most prominent part, the crew that wanted to defy gender norms, the one you had to get super creative to find the right spot for, and the young people who preferred to help out in the shadows. But by the time it was all finished, each teen, whether front and center, singing in the chorus, running a spotlight, or schlepping scenery in the background, was necessary to the finished product. And the post-production party was always filled with the joy of young people feeling like they had contributed.

In our scripture for Sunday, the Apostles are getting busy preaching and teaching and spreading the gospel. But that leaves several things undone. No one is making sure people are fed and cared for. It turns out that the church needs people to fill a variety of roles – flashy and behind the scenes, that the church (the show) can’t go on without all the roles filled.

Join us as we contemplate the different ways that God calls us into ministry and how necessary each and every part is.

  • Focal Scripture – Acts 6:1-9
  • Sermon Title – “Small Actors”

Can’t wait to see you on this third Sunday of Easter,