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Looking Toward Sunday, July 16, 2017


Last week’s question about whether we are supposed to believe everything we read in the Bible was a little too hefty for one session, so we are doubling back this week to dabble more in biblical authority. Join us as we explore where the Bible gets it’s authority, what kind of authority it has, and what role the Bible plays in calling us to certain modes of behavior.

Your homework for Sunday is to think about this question: What’s the difference in being held to the authority of scripture and obedience to scripture?

  • Focal Scripture – Matthew 12:1-14
  • Exploration – “Is the Bible an Instruction Manual for Life?”

We’ll be joined this week by May DeWees’ musical ensemble, In Town Down Home Dulcimer Players.

I pray your summer is filled with sunshine, the scent of lush grass, and enough time to discover God in both.