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Looking Toward Sunday, October 15, 2017

Our scriptures are packed with dreamers, who see visions of God and their own callings in their sleeping and in their waking. Our passage for this Sunday is Jacob’s famous dream of a ladder that reaches to heaven and angels ascending and descending its rungs. As this dream unfolds, Jacob is on the run from his brother after stealing his birthright. Jacob has another pretty notable dream, in which he wrestles an angel on the fitful night he is set to return to his brother’s land. Each dream occurs during a time of migration for one of God’s chosen servants.

Join us Sunday as we too wrestle, exploring what it means to meet God in our dreams, particularly in our dreams of new home. Our worship service will be coupled with an opportunity to put our worship into action by signing letters to our national leadership in support of DACA recipients that these Dreamers might live in this country where they were raised with hope and without fear.

If you are interested in joining in a witness of love at the Pride Parade, don’t forget you have a worship and breakfast option at 9:45 in Converse.

Sunday will be a day of searching, dreaming, and praying for a world in which all God’s children of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity sense the love of God in their lives and the love of God’s children, making room for all to dream of a safe home to call their own.

I look forward to gathering with you in our safe home, our sanctuary,