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Looking Toward Sunday, November 12, 2017

I love a fire in the fireplace in the winter. As my fireplace hasn’t been inspected since I moved in to make sure that I won’t die from smoke inhalation, I play a loop on my TV that is kind of like this one. There is something about the crackle and the promises of warmth that are soothing and make me nostalgic. But in the loop video, the logs never go out, never burn up. A fire is meant to consume what it burns, and an endless loop of an unfading fire is just unnatural – kind of like a burning bush in the desert.

This week as we continue our series, A Generous Calling, we’ll explore the call of Moses, through an encounter with the burning bush. Join us as we contemplate together how Moses is drawn onto holy ground. We’ll contemplate the events and people which have helped us to have holy encounters with God. And we’ll consider how we can be like the burning bush and beckon others into opportunities to find their place in God’s story.

  • Sunday’s scripture – Exodus 3:1-15
  • Worship Focus – “Like a Moth to the Fire”

Following worship, I hope you’ll stick around to explore how God might be calling you to share your unique self at DHPC. It’s a day to break bread together as we learn about DHPC’s various ministries and the big and small ways God might use us through them. Come ready to tour the different Ministry Teams, to check out a new team you’ve never served on, or to explore a conversation about how even our small talents have a place in God’s kingdom.

I hope to see you Sunday as you answer God’s call to worship,