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Looking Toward Sunday, December 3, 2017

This week marks the first Sunday in Advent. This Advent, we invite you to Return to Wonder. Below is the introduction to the season, offered on our website, which also includes the full calendar for the year.

Advent is the four-week, season of preparation for the coming of Christ, as we remember Christ’s first coming to earth as a tiny baby, born in Bethlehem. It is a fantastical story – God being born in a lump of hay, to a poor girl in a rinky-dink town. It is a whimsical story, with stardust and the flutter of angel’s wings and enough magic electrifying the air that magi in the East mounted their camels and traveled with sparkly gifts for a king.

Returning is an action and a reorientation. We invite you to reorient from the craze of the commercial holiday season, to get back to the fantastical, whimsical, magical story that changed everything. Join us for worship, which will reclaim ancient chants, propel us to wonder together what God becoming flesh really means for the world, and revel in the mysteries and beauty of the one who made and was born to save us.

This week we tiptoe into wonder with an angel’s visit. The angels are busy this time of year, letting Mary and Joseph know that Jesus is coming and later serenading the shepherds. But in this text, they arrive to John the Baptist’s soon-to-be dad to let him know he’ll soon have a bouncing baby boy. The scene is so surprising, Zechariah walks out having lost his voice. Join us as we imagine what God has done or could do that might leave us speechless.

  • Sunday’s scripture – Luke 1:5-24
  • Sermon Title – “Speechless”

Advent is one of my very favorite seasons, and I look forward to spending it with you.

Peace, ShelliSignature