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Looking Toward Sunday, January 21, 2018

This Sunday marks the second week in our series, Call to Action, which explores the calling of characters throughout the book of Acts. Acts is a story of immigrants, predominantly Paul, along with Silas or Barnabas, traveling to what is now the Middle East, Asia Minor (Turkey), and Europe (Greece and Italy). Our story for Sunday features two immigrants – Paul and Lydia – Paul with all the rights of a Roman citizen, and Lydia, a woman from more humble Thyatira. As our national leadership wrestles with who should be granted entrance into the US and how to handle the fates of the almost 800,000 DACA recipients, let’s explore together the story of how two people from vastly different ends of the spectrum of power and privilege encounter the Good News, share the lives, and grow the church.

  • Scripture: Acts 16:9-15
  • Sermon Title: “Merit Based Calling”

Karl Barth is quoted as saying, “Take your Bible and read your newspaper. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.” I hope to spend time with you Sunday as we do just that.

In Christ,