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Looking Toward Sunday, January 28, 2018

The book, The Freedom Writers Diary, contains entries from “unteachable at risk students” at a California high school and their teacher, Erin Gruwell, who used writing to break the cycle of violence that gripped their lives. The proceeds of the book have gone to a foundation, which helped pay for college for the student contributors, who all beat the odds to graduate from high school. There is a scene in the movie (You can watch it here.), in which the teacher tapes a line down the center of the classroom. Students who have long found themselves on opposite sides of gang lines and racial division are called to step up to the line when they hear something that is true for them – Do they own the new Snoop Dog Album? Have they seen Boyz in the Hood? Have they been to juvenile hall, know a person in a gang, know someone who has died by gang violence? As the students come to realize that they share a lot of common experiences, the wall that divide them begin to crumble.

This Sunday, we will pick up our series from the book of Acts, looking at a commission of big name apostles (Paul, Barnabas, Silas, and Judas) who cross the line to bring good news to a worshipping community of Gentiles. The early church is changing and no longer only resonating with the Jewish community. As such the Jewish apostles recognize the need to find common ground with the new believers whose history, ethnicity, and practice might look different than their own.

Join us Sunday as we explore how the expansive grace of God calls God’s people to respond.

  • Scripture: Acts 15:22-33
  • Sermon Title: “Get Your Act Together”

I look forward to gathering with you as we praise our ever gracious God and wonder together what acts God might be calling us to in response.

Peace be with you,