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Looking Toward Sunday, February 11, 2018

This week we wrap up our series, Call to Action, about the stories of the Apostles who responded to God’s call to share the stories of Christ in the first century. We end with what might be the most readily recognized call story in the New Testament – Saul’s conversion, following a revelation of Jesus, on the Damascus road. Watch this video for a little refresher about how Saul went from being a zealous persecutor of Christians to the most well-traveled Apostle in Acts, the starter of many churches, and the author of most of the letters we find in the New Testament.

While many of us may not experience such dramatic about-face experiences in our faith life, we do believe that our lives are propelled forward by our experiences of God, in Christ. Join us on Sunday as we imagine how God might be calling us to our own experiences of conversion.

In fitting fashion, we will install our next session class this Sunday. Join us as we pray Bill Armstrong, Adam Ralls, Suzette Stewart, and David Vigilante into their new terms, as those answering God’s call to serve as Elders on DHPC’s session.

    • Scripture: Acts 9:1-20
    • Sermon Title: “Call Forwarding”

I am so grateful God called me to be a part of this community and look forward to gathering to worship with you all.

May you catch a glimpse of Christ’s light this week,