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Looking Toward Sunday, November 11, 2018

This Sunday we will join together in making promises to the church and to God through the dedication of our pledges of time, talent, and treasure. On our final week of our stewardship season worship series, Rooted and Reaching, we will engage the quintessential scripture on giving – the tale of the Widow’s Mite. Maybe you know the story – Jesus is watching the comings and going in the temple and sees all the big wigs dropping major dollars in the treasury. But what catches Jesus’ attention is the poor widow who drops her last two coins into the offering.

I hope you’ll join us because we’re going to take this story apart. We’re going to ask if the point of the tale is to highlight the widow’s generosity, or is there a bigger lesson in store. What happens to the widow when those last two coins are gone? Where is the church then?

Join us as we dream together about how our own generosity can impact Christ’s church. Cathie Magnan Power will share her personal testimony about DHPC and its roots and reaching. Be sure to bring your pledge cards, as we promise to dig down into our own generosity so we can reach higher and wider in God’s love.

  • Scripture: Mark 12:38-44
  • Sermon: “When the Bottom Drops Out”

See you in the pews,