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Looking Toward Sunday, December 9, 2018

This is the Second Sunday in Advent. This year our Advent series, Baby’s First Christmas: A Photo Album of the Nativity, explores the characters who surrounded Jesus at the manger – not just the individual people but the character types. So, last week we started with Mary and an exploration of “mother” language and imagery in scripture. This week, we will explore Joseph’s part in the nativity story and learn together about how God is our father and what kind of father.

About 4 years ago, divorced father Greg Wickherst spent his lunch break at the cosmetology department getting a 1.5 hour lesson on how to put his then 2.5 year old daughter’s hair in a ponytail. Now, this burly, bearded man has his own youtube channel and a career teaching fathers to style their daughter’s hair. (Here’s a video clip of this year’s Father’s Day Daddy Daughter Hair Class and Tea Party.)

While the world is shifting, a burly man teaching how to spiral curl hair with drinking straws is still not the cultural norm. In our passage for this Sunday, often called the Parable of the Lost (or Prodigal) Son, we encounter another unconventional father. Join us as we explore how that fictional character, from Jesus’ lesson, offers us a glimpse at the ways that God parents and sets a new norm for fathering.

  • Scripture: Luke 15:11-32
  • Sermon: “Papa Don’t Play that Game”

Be sure to stick around and enjoy some cake and a time to wish Mel Lindsay well on his new adventure to Statesboro.

Praying for your Advent preparations,

P.S. Advent is a wonderful time to invite friends to worship. The church is beautifully decorated, the music is stirring, and there is an air of excitement swirling about. For tips on how to ease your anxiety about extending that invitation, click here.