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Adult Classes

adult SS

The Bible Roundtable Class

This adult class meets weekly to learn about and discuss the scripture which will be encountered in worship. The class is taught by Dr. Pete McGuire, a retired Georgia Tech professor. This class gathers in in room 216 at 9:30AM.

Connections Class

Connections is for folks of all ages who are interested in joining a discussion based class that’s main goal is to connect with God and each other. Through questions and group conversations we will work towards relating the Bible and theology to social issues and our concerns. No preparation is required and each week will be a stand-alone conversation. This class gathers in in room 214 at 9:45AM.

For special adult education offerings, click here.

Questions: Please contact Rev. Shelli Latham or Christian Education Elder Gigi Muirheid for more information about our Sunday School program.