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Looking Toward Sunday, 11/8/15

This week, we continue our Stewardship/Capital Campaign series, Seasoned to Celebrate, with a worship service that honors the 75th Anniversary of our Sanctuary. For 75 years, our sanctuary has provided stunning space to glorify God. Our recent renovations have only served to increase the beauty and accessibility of our house of worship. As we launch a Capital Campaign which will eradicate debt incurred during the renovation, provide much needed HVAC services that make worship a warm, welcoming, and safe space, and tithe to mission ministries on our campus, we gather to remember the dreams of those who dug the foundation and laid the cornerstone of our sanctuary. And we bind our own hopes and dreams with theirs as we commit together to love and care for the space they prepared for us and for God.

Sunday we will continue our Seasoned to Celebrate theme, imagining together how our forefathers and mothers embraced the opportunities placed in their paths for ministry. What are we called to embrace now? What should we stop or refrain from embracing as we dream of our next 75 years? How do we build upon a purposeful foundation with ministries that are strong and sparkling – strong to sustain and sparkling to befit the God we glorify?

  • Key Scripture:             1 Corinthians 3:10-16
  • Sermon Title:               Seasoned to Celebrate: A Time to Embrace
  • Roundtable Class/Next Week’s Scripture:      Romans 12:9-21

 I hope to see you at our Diamond Anniversary party. I hear we’ll be handing out jewels to everyone in attendance. Seriously, it’s a day of great celebration after all!


Pastor Shelli