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Looking Toward Advent

Looking Toward Advent

The greenery, colored lights and holiday music gear-up on November 1, reminding us oh-so-promptly that it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit. But what is the Christmas Spirit, exactly? Good tidings of comfort and joy? Maybe. But for many, the journey from Thanksgiving through December 25 is one of ache, loss, and disappointment. For most of us, even in our joy and celebration, there are twinges of sorrow for relationships that have expired, regret for a lack of ability to provide with the extravagance we’re told is expected of this time, or anxiety over a pace of merry-making that is unsustainable.

Emmanuel, God-with-us, breaks into a world of complications for a people whose hearts churn with everything from giddiness to grumpiness to desperation. This Advent, we remember that in the story of God’s ultimate gift, no one is left out. There is a place for you, whether you are looking towards the manger with a sense of sadness, fear, surprise, joy, or likely your own special combo of all.

This Sunday, we explore the story of the miraculous word to old-man Zechariah that he and his also elderly wife, Elizabeth, are expecting a child. For this barren couple, it’s been a long road to this news, likely a painful one. And what now, this idea of being new parents in their geriatric years? Join us as we are reminded that no matter what life throws at us, there is a place for us in this story.

  • Key Scripture:             Luke 1:5-25
  • Sermon Title:               Advent Inside Out: Sadness
  • Roundtable Class/Next Week’s Scripture:      John 1:1-14

I look forward to our journey toward the manger together,

Pastor Shelli