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Looking Toward Easter, March 27, 2016

This Easter Sunday, we have two resurrection accounts, one from Luke and the other from Mark. The stories have similarities but aren’t the same. If you throw in the tales of Jesus post-tomb from Matthew and John, you’d find that the recollections get more diverse. Was it one woman, or two women . . . or three that first encountered the empty tomb? Did they run and tell one person, a bunch of people, or keep quiet? Did Jesus show up in the midst of the “holy cow” moment, near the tomb, or down the road?

When we hold all of the Easter accounts together at once, it’s impossible to get a handle on what happened exactly. As we gather this Sunday, we’ll be reminded of this story of our dead but now un-dead savior. And if we place ourselves in the shoes of the women at the tomb and the disciples down the road, we will dare to bask for a moment in the sheer unexpectedness of the one who defied death. If Jesus can defy death, what else can Jesus do? If Jesus, three days dead, shows up out and about in the streets, and gardens and houses, where might Jesus show up now?

Join us for beautiful music, Easter hymns, pastel flowers, and the greatest story ever told.

  • Key Scriptures Garden:          Mark 16:1-8 (9:15), Luke 24:1-12 (11)
  • Worship Focus:     “No One Expects the Savior’s Resurrection”
  • Next Sunday:        John 20:19-31

It will be a joy to share Alleluias with you! Bring a friend, neighbor, or family member. This story is too good to keep to ourselves.