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Looking Toward Sunday, September 18


If you’re of my generation or before, this photo may resonwillisate.

(FYI: It’s Different Strokes’ Arnold’s perpetual question to his older brother.) Our scripture reading has me asking this question, only replace “Willis” with “Jesus”.

This Sunday we dip into one of Jesus’ more obscure parables, often referred to as the Parable of the Dishonest or Shrewd Manager. In the reading, we find Jesus doling out praise for some highly questionable accounting practices. By any reasonable business standards, the manager would find himself F-I-R-E-D, but Jesus holds him up as an example. Join us on Sunday as, together, we wonder “Why?” and talk about how we handle the moments when Jesus is totally befuddling.

  • Focal Scripture: Luke 16:1-13
  • Sermon Title: “Fuzzy Math”

It’s always a great day to explore Christ’s word, even and maybe especially when it’s confusing. I look forward to opening the scriptures with you,