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Looking Toward Sunday, October 2, 2016

World Communion Sunday is on of my favorite Sundays of the year. It is a day when we celebrate our interconnectedness with Christians across the globe. This year, we will celebrate our thriving sister churches in Korea. While mainline Protestantism (and Presbyterianism) is shrinking, the Korean Presbyterian Church is growing (in the US and in South Korea). We will welcome a gayageum player and vocalist, sharing traditional Korean music. All our hymns and choir selections will offer a glimpse of Korean Christian Worship. Hearing scripture and prayer in Korean, we will be reminded that God’s children praise Christ in a multitude of languages. Even our communion bread comes to us from a Korean bakery.

Join us as we explore how invitation to the table can reveal Christ and our Christian family even when know little about those we are sitting down to break the bread with.

  •             Focal Scripture:         Luke 24:13-35
  •             Sermon Title:             “Blind Date”

Remember that this is the day we collect the Peace and Global Witness Offering.

너에게 평화가 함께하길(neoege pyeonghwaga hamkkehagil – Peace be with you),