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Looking Toward Sunday, February 19, 2017

TV2 Denmark produced a video recently called All That We Share. (Watch it. It’s lovely.) Different groups of people (professionals, athletes, students, bikers, etc.) are each placed into boxes around the room. Then a question is asked, and all who answer yes come forward. Suddenly the categories break down as the rough and tumble mix with nurses, the poor stand next to the wealthy, immigrants share space with those whose heritage traces back to Denmark for generations. Suddenly common ground emerges with the realization that step parenting, class clowning, bullying and being bullied know no social barriers.

In our scripture reading, Jesus shows up at a dinner party; so does a woman who bends down to wash his feet. The party guests are predisposed to judge this as a scandal. They critique her and Jesus without room for nuance or grace.

In our polarized political climate and keep-to-your-own-kind world, our scripture offers a lesson in coming to the table and experiencing one another with an open heart. I know this is a necessary lesson for me. I look forward to wrestling with it alongside all of you.

  • Focal Scripture – Luke 7:36-50
  • Sermon Title – “Coming to the Table”

See you in the pews,