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Looking Toward Sunday, September 24, 2017

In the movie industry, the first time a romantic pair meets is often called a “meet cute,” generally because it’s semi-adorable. And whether there’s confusion, initial attraction, or off-the-bat loathing, sparks seem to fly. This week’s story is the meet cute of Isaac and Rebecca, except that when this arranged marriage is put into place, Isaac is no where to be found. Instead it’s the truly romantic (not really) story of his servant, a young woman, a water bucket, and some camels. Oh, and a dowry.

As we explore God’s providence that led to Isaac and Rebecca’s union, we’ll contemplate Biblical marriage. What do we learn about family from the families in scripture?

We will also join together in making promises to Olivia and Aiden Escobar, as their parents Chris and Nicole bring them before our community for the sacrament of baptism. What a joy to bear witness as two new young Christians engrafted into Christ’s family tree!

I look forward to sharing this special day with you,