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Looking Toward Sunday, May 27, 2018

This Sunday, we begin a four-week series on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Our passage for this week is the greeting portion of the letter. Paul is re-establishing contact with the community he nurtured and preparing the groundwork for the instruction that will follow, in the letter’s body. It is clear that there is a fondness on Paul’s part for this community, and he lays on the sweet talk pretty thick, in words about the hugeness of his thanksgiving for this community and their work. All the guidance he will offer them about how to be Christ’s church will build on his gratitude for their good work.

Join us this Sunday as we imagine what a letter to DHPC might look like. How might we be inspired by our good work to heed the nudgings of the Spirit towards God’s ever reforming call to share the gospel in the world?

I hope to see you this Memorial Day weekend as we pause to thank God for the freedoms we are blessed to have and those who gave their lives that we might worship freely and pursue abundant life, in God, for self and neighbor.

See you in church,