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Looking Toward Sunday, July 1, 2018

In my early years of youth ministry, I was frequently called upon to work with our local Boy Scout troops on their God and Country Awards. This Sunday, which leads into our Independence Day celebration, we will gather for a Sabbath Sunday (one of those days when the sermon is replaced by stations for personal reflection). This week’s worship focuses on who God calls our country to be and how we can live faithfully in the freedom we have been granted. Worshippers will have opportunities to connect with God and to pray about our thanksgiving, fears, hopes, and repentance for the United States of America and our role in God’s interconnected world. You may create a craft, take part in a prayer station, walk the labyrinth, write a letter to an elected official, or reflect on some of our hymns and scriptures from the comfort of your pew. There is something for everyone.

It really is a privilege to live in a country where we are free to gather to worship without fear. I look forward to giving thanks to God and responding in renewed commitment to sharing God’s grace in and through this land we call home.

Prayers for a peace filled weekend for you all,