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Looking Toward Sunday, September 9, 2018

The folks who are fashion rule followers have put away their white shoes and seersucker pants. Summer is over. For many of us summer has brought refreshment. For a number of people in our church family, it has brought trial, challenge, and grief. No matter what the summer has been for you, this Sunday, September 9, brings a brand new chance for a do-over, an opportunity to gather with a worshipping community that values you, and to offer your heart to God.

I’ve been calling this first Sunday after Labor Day and start of a new season Restart Sunday. If you took a break from worship attendance over the summer, now is a chance to hit refresh. If the world weighed down on you and it was hard to get here, hit restart. If you’ve been in the pews and missed those familiar faces who were away, invite one or two back this week, and let’s restart together. I know that I would relish the opportunity to join you in prayer and praise (and lunch after worship too).

What will we be doing this Restart Sunday? We’ll continue our Faces of Our Faith series with the story of Queen Vashti, Esther’s predecessor who was banished from the castle for standing up for herself before the king. But Esther had better luck: when she stuck her neck out in defense of her people, the king listened. Join us as we think about those who have paved the way for us, even if they didn’t get their moment in the sun.

  • Scripture: Esther 1
  • Sermon: “Faces of Our Faith: Queen Vashti”

I look forward in hitting the refresh button with you. If you have been away and are in use of an extra does of support, please let me know. DHPC isn’t just for those who can make it to the pews. Peace and love,