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Looking Toward Sunday, September 23, 2018

We only have two more weeks of our Faces of Our Faith series. This week we encounter a pretty familiar character: Jonah. (You remember: the guy trapped in the belly of a fish?) Our scripture for Sunday may be a little less familiar than the belly of the whale tale. If you remember the story, after Jonah gets coughed up on shore, he goes about doing what God asked him to do in the first place – preaching to the heathen Ninevites. Much to Jonah’s chagrin, they actually listen to him, repent, and God forgives them.

Our scripture for this morning is Jonah’s sulk-fest. It involves Jonah, a fast growing tree, and a very hungry worm. Join us as we explore what Jonah’s tale teaches us about God’s character.

Be sure to come to hungry as the worm that ate Jonah’s shade tree. At 9:45am, we have Sunday School with Mercy Community Church, which is catered by Waffle House. I can smell the delicious fellowship already.

See you Sunday –