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Looking Toward Sunday, October 14, 2018

On the day that I was installed at DHPC, my dear friend (and a friend to many of you) Lisle Gwynn Garrity painted a tree as we reflected on the scripture from Revelation. I now look at that tree every day from my desk in my office. The canvas pops with reds, blues, and greens, and you can see the roots – spreading our deep and wide, anchoring the strong tree, by a river of renewal. At the top of the canvas, the branches stretch up and out – a home for fresh leaves and the perfect spot to hang a swing, rest in the shade, or take shelter.

I chose to have Lisle paint that tree because DHPC’s own logo is a tree – a sign of growth and life. As we begin our newest worship series, Rooted and Reaching, we will reflect upon God’s call for us to grow – up towards God and out to love our neighbors. But we can’t do that without a strong rootbed. Throughout our series we’ll explore strengthening and deepening our faith so that we can in turn grow to be a bigger blessing to God and the world.

This week, we’ll explore our faith family tree. Who are our ancestors in the biblical tradition, in our own families, and in our congregation who have helped to root us? And how do we step up to the responsibility to pass down the faith to the children who come behind us?

Don’t forget that there are lots of ways to worship with us, even if you are not in the sanctuary, this week. A group will be at Mercy Church for worship and to share a meal, and another collection of folks are headed to the Pride Parade to bear witness to Christ’s love for all God’s children. Worship takes lots of forms. How will you witness this Sunday?