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This week we continue our Faces of our Faith – New Testament Edition by turning our attention to John the Baptist. As a kid I always remember thinking John the Baptist was weird and probably stinky, maybe with some skin issues from that camel hair jacket. Even as an adult, John the Baptist feels a little extreme to me – with his living in the desert and calling people to repent. And yet, he plays a pivotal role in the recognition of Jesus as the Christ – holy and majestic.

Join us as we remember John baptizing Jesus in the River Jordan and explore ways that the least likely people – the weird, over the top ones – can call us from our complacency into a relationship with Christ.

We will share together in a renewal of baptismal vows and pray for our confirmation students as they begin their journey of exploring discipleship, by receiving their Bibles.

Be sure to make plans to stick around following worship for our annual congregational meeting. It has been a joy to prepare for, as I have had the privilege of previewing our year in review.

Stay warm this weekend. Then bundle up and join us for worship,