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Looking Toward Sunday, March 10, 2019

As I prepare for worship this week, I keep remembering when the after school program at my childhood church rolled bandages. I have no idea where these bandages were sent, but I imagined back then the shredded bed sheets curled around number 2 pencils saved a lot of soldiers and kids in poor hospitals somewhere across the ocean.

This week marks the first Sunday in Lent. Throughout this time of preparation for Easter, we will explore the stories of characters Jesus met in the final days before his crucifixion, as he journeys to Jerusalem and on to the cross. We begin with the story of the raising of Lazarus, mummified and buried in a tomb until Jesus returned days later to raise him from the dead.

Our lenten season is bookended by piles of bandages no longer needed for the dead and empty tombs. Join us as we are reminded that Christ’s Jerusalem journey began with the salvation of one man and ended with the salvation of all humanity.

  • Scripture: John 11: 11-44
  • Sermon: “Faces on the Crossroads: Lazarus”

You may read more about our Lenten series, Faces on the Crossroads, here.

Blessings on this time of reflection and preparation,