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Looking Toward Sunday, April 28, 2019

Growing up, I always heard the worst things about Thomas. 

He asked too many questions, he didn’t trust his friends, he didn’t have enough faith. The poor guy got a pretty bad rap. So, this Sunday, when we pick back up with the Faces of Our Faith series, we’re going to take a closer look at Thomas. Does he really deserve all that flack? What exactly is the protocol when the man you thought was going to rescue your people is executed but your friends say he’s back from the dead? 

When we show up at church this Sunday, we’ll be met with some questions of our own. After the excitement of last week—the beautiful story, the flowers, the butterflies, the pancakes in the parlor—what comes next? What do we do with this resurrection business and what does Thomas have to teach us about it? 

Sermon: “Faces of Our Faith: Thomas”
Scripture: John 20: 19-29

I hope you’ll join us this week! Special folk music this Sunday will be led by Nicole Escobar, Susan Rutherford, and Zack Brawner.

See you soon!
-Emily Morrell, Director of Young Adult Ministries