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Looking Toward Sunday, June 30, 2019

This winter I joined several of my college friends in New York. We ate a lot of carbs, stayed up late catching up over wine, and saw several Broadway shows. Our final show was Waitress, which I was thoroughly excited for because (1) the lead actor was former New Kid on the Block and teenage crush Joey Joe McIntyre (see pic below for evidence) and (2) the music is composed by Sara Bareilles, a pop singer whose earnest, self-vulnerable, girl power songs I really adore. 

The ballad from the second act really spoke to me. It was a tender look at the way we fall short of our dreams and yet manage to be good at the core:

She’s imperfect, but she tries. She is good, but she lies
She is hard on herself. She is broken and won’t ask for help
She is messy, but she’s kind.  She is lonely most of the time . . . 
She is gone, but she used to be mine

I think all of us have felt that way – imperfect but trying, good but not always good, broken but taught we shouldn’t talk about it too much. This week, the music of Sara Bareilles shapes our worship service, and the song “She Used to be Mine” will serve as our prayer of brokenness.

Join us as we explore the story of Naaman’s unlikely healing from leprosy after washing in the Jordan river – the no frills, ordinary, grimy Jordan river. How can we find healing and wholeness in the murky, imperfect places in our lives?

Thanks so much to Nicole Escobar, who is graciously sharing her musical gifts, by channeling her inner Sara B.

I look forward to sharing this special time with you.


PS – In honor of the Broadway show Waitress, which is about a pie baker, we will have our first Sunday Funday, following worship. Join us for musical chairs and a cake walk. Bring a sweet treat to share. It’s sure to be fun (and tasty)!

*Photo of me, my friend Holly and Joe McIntyre (who while now 46 will always be a New Kid on the Block to me). Did I hear someone ask for an NKOTB Sunday? Anyone? Anyone?