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Looking Toward Sunday, August 4, 2019

My family gatherings, perhaps like yours, are inevitably filled with story-telling. When we gather from Thanksgiving and Christmas, though there are hundreds of stories we could tell, the same ones always seem to rise to the top: the time my uncle threw my aunt’s Betsy Wetsy doll out the car window, the time my dad’s pants fell down as he ran into the endzone in front of 1,000 people during a Friday night high school football game, the time Andy’s brother attacked the neighborhood bully with a plastic yellow shovel. These stories are the fabric that, sewn together, make the quilt of my family’s life together. Some bring laughter. Some tears. Some pride. But together they are the stuff that make us the Soileau-Actons.

This Sunday we will channel the storytelling of the NPR show Live from Here (hosted by MacArthur Genius award winner and world class mandolin player, Chris Thile), formerly Prairie Home Companion, and the genre of the radio variety show – part music, part story. Rev. Peter Hausmann, a PC(USA) minister and DHPC’s resident peanut butter and jelly sandwich expert, will lead us in pondering how the stories of our faith are the stuff that makes us Christians.  

Scripture:  Mark 5
Sermon:    “The News from Lake Galileebegon”

To help us capture the cozy down home feel that comes with radio variety shows, all hymns for Sunday morning appear in the Camp Meeting Songs, A Collection of Gospel Songs hymnbook (1959) and also appear in our own hymnal. Additionally, we will have May DeWees and her friends from the In Town Down Home Dulcimer Group returning to play in our worship service, which is always a treat. 

Peter and I look forward to worshipping with you!
Pastor Elizabeth