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Looking Toward Sunday, February 2, 2020

My bathroom cabinets are in massive need of a purging. It is like a clown car explosion of creams and hair doodads and toiletries. I am a sucker for a face cream and a neutral eye shadow palette. (It’s part of my family system; all the women in my family love a good lip balm or smoky eye tutorial.) I don’t need all of it it; that’s for sure. And yet, the promise of dewy cheeks has been enough to fill both sides of my double sided vanity.

This week, we head into Matthew 6, on our journey through that gospel. And Jesus is all up in my business. This week’s passage is personal, because on Sunday we hear Jesus tell us that the place we should be storing up treasures is in heaven. And we hear Jesus encourage us to stop worrying so much about our accumulations — to be more like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field who trust that God clothes and cares for.

If there is one thing contemporary Christianity likes to plug it’s ears over, it is Jesus’ calling us away from over consumption. But Jesus tells us our treasures are about more than stuff: they are about where we place our trust and how we show what we value.

Join me as we wrestle together about Jesus’ claim to be a part of our whole lives, even our purchasing decisions. Until then, I will be debating whether I can let go of that blue velvet dress that really is too short, the suede beaded vest I bought for a costume a bazillion years ago, and the pair of orange wedge shoes that look so great in the box.

Scripture: Matthew 6:16-21,25-34

Sermon: “Empty Nesters”

I am grateful to be on the journey with you.

See you in the pews,

PS – Consider reading Matthew 6 on your own this week. If you read a chapter a week, you’ll be surprised how quickly you knock out the whole book.