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Looking Toward Sunday, February 9, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered where the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) lands in the Bible, we will encounter it this week in Matthew 7:12. It falls on the heels of Jesus’ call for us to not be so judgy: “Get the log out of your own eye before you worry about the speck in your neighbor’s eye.” It can be so easy and feel so incredibly satisfying to judge others. And yet, Jesus calls us to take a good hard look at ourselves before we look outward.

This week the Reverend Peter Hausmann will lead us in worship as we explore our lopsided expectations for others versus what we want for and expect for ourselves. Join us as we continue our journey through the gospel according to Matthew.

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-14

Sermon: “But I Like to Judge”

I am grateful to be on the journey with you.

See you in the pews,

PS – Consider reading Matthew 7, on your own this week. If you read a chapter a week, you’ll be surprised how quickly you knock out the whole book.