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Looking Toward Sunday, March 1, 2020

This week, we gather for the first Sunday of Lent, the forty-day journey of preparation, which will lead us alongside Jesus to the cross before continuing on to the empty tomb. We will spend the next six weeks with Jesus, the storyteller. Our Lenten series, Stories to Live By, continues through Matthew’s gospel, offering lessons from Jesus’ parables. We kick off with the Parable of the Sower.

Vincent Van Gogh produced over 30 different sower pieces over the course of his career. (This Google search will give you a glimpse of many.) There are sowers in autumn and sowers in spring, sowers in paint, and pencil, and rain. I don’t know what led to Van Gogh’s fascination with sowers (farmers sprinkling seeds), but every time I see one of them, I imagine God. And I like to imagine that it is all the same sower, tirelessly, flinging seed into the fields, sun and rain, day and night.

Jesus weaves a tale about a a sower who was a lot like that. He went out and threw his seed on good soil but also on spiky brier patches, paths with hungry birds, and on top of rock. Sounds like either that was one mighty hopeful farmer, or else he was plum crazy. Join us Sunday as we explore how we might become good soil, where the seed of God’s word can take root, and as we imagine what kind of God keeps throwing out the word to those who aren’t ready for it.

Scripture: Matthew 13:1-23

Sermon: “Agri-business”

You’re in for a special treat, with bulletin art by our own first grader, Olivia Escobar.

I look forward to starting this Lenten journey with you,