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Looking Toward Sunday, March 22, 2019

Who could imagine what our lives would look like right now? I certainly couldn’t. It feels bizarre, isolating, surreal, and scary. And yet we are plugging along, pausing to worship God together . . . but apart. Here is how you can join us for worship this week: 

  • Watch worship online — By 9 AM, Sunday, a full worship service and bulletin will be posted online at dhpc.org and our facebook page. You may worship at your own time and pace.
  • Join us live (online or by phone) at 11 AM for a Roundtable / Worship mashup — Pete McGuire will lead the Bible study and staff will guide us through worship. You can see and/or hear one another in real time. For instructions on how to do that, click here. (We’ve tried to streamline our process, so you should only have to enter a password if you dial from a landline.)

So what can we expect as we worship from wherever we are this week?

Well, if I’d had any idea this would be the world we’d live in right now, I definitely would not have chosen this scripture. It’s a parable about getting invited to a party and rejecting the invitation (and beating up the messengers). It’s also the tale of showing up for a party with the wrong outfit on and getting tossed out on your ear. When most of us are hunkering down and practicing social distancing, right now, the idea of going to a party seems pretty darn appealing. And I sure as heck wouldn’t toss anyone out of my home. They could show up in their bathing suit, or bathrobe, or old prom dress, and I would be like, “Yes please, the cheese tray is right this way.”

What message does this somewhat disturbing parable have for us, particularly during a pandemic? What can we learn about God’s call to show up or not show up? You’ll just have to tune in for our worship service and/or Roundtable gathering. 

Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14

Sermon: “Showing Up . . . Or Not”

I look forward to being with you, whatever it looks like. I pray for you often and trust in God’s ability to bind us together even when we are apart.

Peace be with you,