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Looking Toward Easter, Sunday, April 12, 2020

In preparing for worship this week, I scrolled through pictures of last year’s Easter morning. From sunrise in the park to pancakes and faux-mimosa toasts in the parlor, from butterfly release to packaging meals for mission, from egg hunt to a sanctuary filled with flowers and brass . . . it was a lively and vibrant celebration of the resurrection. This year will be so different for all of us . . . quieter, simpler, and from the safety of our own homes. It is hard to imagine that it will feel like Easter, or at least what we’re accustomed to thinking of as Easter. It’s easy to claim the joy of Christ’s victory over death when the trumpets fill the sanctuary and the butterfly kite swirls above the delighted giggles of children.

And yet, Easter will still come. Jesus’ promises are still true, his victory still life altering. I can’t help but think that maybe in the anxiety, and loss, and drudgery of these days that now is the time we need Easter most. In our passage for Sunday, the women show up at the tomb to pay their respects and find it empty. Jesus isn’t there. He’s already out in the world waiting for them with the promises of transformation. 

Join us as we celebrate our savior who, even in the midst of sorrow and darkness, is already a step ahead . . . already out in the world with signs of light and life when we’re expecting darkness and death. If there was ever a day for an Easter story, it is this one.

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10

Reflection: “A Step Ahead”

There are two opportunities to join us for worship. Our recorded service will be available on our website and facebook by 9 AM. Our musicians knocked it out of the park this week: you won’t want to miss a four part anthem, with piano, recorded from five different places! There are also pictures of Easters gone by and a couple older big, organ numbers.

At 11 AM, join us live, via Zoom. We’ll have a little celebration and worship led by our members and musicians.

While we will not be together in person, I have no doubt we’ll be together in spirit.

Holy Week blessings,