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I am so excited about Pentecost, that I’m about to burst. This holy day, when we mark God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, is one of my favorites anyway, with it’s bright red liturgical color (marking the Spirit) and the vivid stories of the Spirit arriving on the scene in a rush of wind, and tongues of fire, or a gentle breath. But this year, Pentecost is additionally special because this will be the first time that our community will gather in twelve weeks! Join us this Saturday for a socially distanced Drive Thru which will set the stage for Sunday’s celebrations of God’s gift of spirit and church. Here’s what to expect:

Saturday, May 30, 2-3 PM, Pentecost Drive Thru – Drive thru the church parking lot to pick up your goodie bag, get a prayer-to-go, participate in mission from the safety of your vehicle, listen to tunes, and go. You may also support our refugee neighbors by buying a cup of coffee or two from the Refuge Coffee Truck. Check here for FAQ. 

Sunday, May 30, 11 AM, Live Communion Service – Dress in red and bring your bread and juice. We’ll fellowship to start and then read worship with the vibrant story of the birthday of the Christian church.

Sunday, May 30, Online Worship Service – Lots of familiar faces join in leading worship this week. That’s only fitting because this week we explore the story of God’s spirit settling on seventy Israelite leaders. We stray from Exodus but are in the same time period, from the book of Numbers. Moses has been at the helm as the Israelites journey through the wilderness, but it’s a tough job being a one-man spiritual leader, so God sends in reinforcements. We’re reminded this week of the beauty of each being ministers with our own ministries. We don’t have to go to seminary or be ordained, God calls and claims us and puts us to work.

Scripture: Numbers 11:24-30

Reflection: “Prophets in Place”

I look forward to being with you in real time or in spirit.

With hope,