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Looking Toward Sunday, June 28, 2020

This weekend is an extravaganza of worship opportunities. Saturday brings the opportunity to see one another. Our Beach Party Drive Thru (at 2 PM) in the parking lot is an opportunity for mission (bring your food for ICM), fellowship (a safely distanced King of Pops popsicle circle), and worship (the chance to grab your worship bag for Sunday).

Sunday offers two opportunities to connect — both with the themes of second chances and drawing near to God. For our recorded service, we close out our series on Exodus. In our passage for Sunday, we see Moses cutting two new stone tablets and God offering the gift of a new set of commandments (after the first set were broken). Second chances. Moses is so close to the presence of God in his ardent prayer and drawing near that his face shines brightly when he returns to the people — so brightly he has to put on a veil so he doesn’t blind them. Drawing near.

Scripture: Exodus 34:1-9, Exodus 34:29-35

Reflection: “That Healthy Glow”

Our live Zoom Virtual Beach Worship Service will offer the opportunity for us to share in communion together sharing common bread that is passed out at the Drive Thru service. Here are some ways you might create a beachy setting for our time together:

  • Set your background to a picture of the beach. Here’s how to do that. 
  • Dress in your favorite beach cover up or beach hat and decorate with a beach towel, sea shells, or sunscreen bottles.
  • Bring your communion elements. Bread will be provided through the Beach Party Drive Thru.

Our scripture for the live service, via zoom, takes us to the beach with the resurrected Jesus. The disciples have been fishing and having a rough go of it. But Jesus shouts to them to toss their nets to the other side of the boat, and they bring in a huge haul of fish. Second chances. Then they pull up on the shore and Jesus has cooked them breakfast. Drawing near.

Scripture: John 21:1-14

Reflection: “The Other Side of the Boat”

I look forward to drawing near to you through shared bread, a wave in the parking lot, and our time of sweet communion on Sunday morning. During this time when so much keeps changing, let us be reminded that that’s how it is with God or second chances who longs for us to draw near.

See you soon,