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Looking Toward Sunday, August 9, 2020

In our passage for Sunday, Paul is employing some Jedi mind tricks on the Corinthians about their stewardship. It is a thing of beauty and could be a sermon on it’s own — wiley and flattering. He stirs up a spirit of competition with the Macedonians down the road, who have been really rocking in the generosity department, and he lays out a challenge for them to follow through on the generosity they had planned on the year before. Brilliant stuff.

But woven throughout this call for the church and the church’s people to give according to their means is a reminder of the birthplace of our generosity: gratitude. Join us on Sunday as we explore Christian generosity. How we give, and why we give are as important as what we give. In a spirit of gratitude, let us lean into the lessons of the ancient church which still ring true today. 

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Reflection: “Like You Mean It”

I hope to see you on Zoom as Pete McGuire brings this passage to life through his thoughtful instruction. If you haven’t tried our Sunday morning Zoom, it is a great time to connect with your church family in fellowship, worship, and learning.

Peace be with each of you,