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Looking Toward Sunday, October 4, 2020

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday. On the worship video for this week, Pastor Elizabeth and I preside at the communion table together for the first time in over six months (wearing masks). It did my heart good to be able to break the bread and pour the cup together and to share communion with the handful of people who are participating in our recorded worship this week. Setting the table with it’s fabrics and breads from around the world was not the same as when we are celebrating this joyous sacrament together, but there is something fitting about it as well. Each year at this time, we are reminded that Christ unites all the saints on earth and heaven (that’s us) at the communion table, despite the ways our tables area scattered about the globe. Well, beloved family of faith, Christ will unite us in this meal across time and space. No pandemic can keep the people of God from being welcomed to this holy meal.

While I am excited about worship this week — about the way our minor prophet Jonah and The Declaration of Barmen (which called churches in Nazi-era Germany to deny nationalism and the authority of the state over faith practice) are so incredibly timely — I want to focus on the ways we will share in World Communion Sunday together. 

  • Join us for communion, via the worship video which posts at 9 AM. Bring your bread and your juice and trust that Christ can make them holy and fill and feed you wherever you are. If you’ve missed seeing the faces of your dear DHPCers, there are lots of participants in this week’s service. Join Santana Herrera, Vivian Hodo, Susan Rutherford, and Kirk and Anna Simpson.
  • Participate in our live World Communion Vespers service, at 5 PM (either by Zoom or on the Lawn). Click here for all the details about that service, including how to drive through for your bread and juice, participate in person or at home, and what to do if it rains.

In an era when we are constantly reminded of the need to explore our hearts and actions regarding the pain we inflict and endure due to white supremacy, in a time of Proud Boys and questions of who will get a vaccine first when it comes, God’s reminder to Jonah that God loves and claims the people we want to dismiss remains ever true. And there might not be a more important time to pull out The Declaration of Barmen, which you can find in our Book of Confessions, to remember that the church is called to put words to her beliefs about racism, and nationalism, and where our ultimate authority lies (spoiler alert: it’s Jesus Christ). Thanks be to God who gave us World Communion Sunday for this important connection and reminder.

Scripture: Jonah 3:10 – 4:11

Reflection: “Haters Gonna Hate”

Confession of the Week: The Theological Declaration of Barmen

I look forward to sharing the feast with all of you this week, however you may join in worship. In peace,