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Looking Toward Sunday, November 22, 2020

This week we wrap up our Stewardship Series: still, still, still. Our scripture for the week, Psalm 71, opens with a plea for help, for refuge from the hardships of life, but it swiftly moves to declaration of trust in God because God has been faithful from birthday through every day. Join us as we prepare to dedicate our pledges to DHPC for the upcoming year, reminded that there is both room for us to call out to God for help and to lean into the assurances of the one who loves us all our days. 

This Sunday, lots of faithful Druid Hillians participate in worship, from ringing bells to singing songs, and sharing their sense of call to the church. I hope you’ll check out the worship recording to join them in praising God together.

Scripture: Psalm 71:1-8, 12-19

Reflection: “We are Still Called”

I hope you’ll join us at 3 PM, on Sunday in the parking lot for the Stewardship Drive Thru and Advent Pop Up. It’ll be a joy to see you as we say thank you and make promises to God together. 

Thank you for your faithful support.

We are still in this together,