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Looking Toward Sunday, November 29, 2020

One of the odd things about these Covid days is the pre-recording of worship. Since our staff gathered on Tuesday, I have already had the opportunity to take in our whole worship service for this week — the first Sunday in Advent. It was oddly joyful and holy to hang the greens in the sanctuary with the staff, and to gather in a small group as Gigi Muirheid and her grandsons lit the first Advent candle. You are in for a treat, as we ready our hearts for an encounter with Christ.

This Advent, our theme is Those Who Dream Stay Awake. Together, we are invited to imagine God’s dreams, to dream on our own of the coming of God’s kingdom, and to stay awake to work and witness towards the fulfillment of those dreams. Our passage for this Sunday is often called “the little apocalypse” it offers a glimpse of the second coming, a time when the scattered people of God are united in the coming of Christ. As the people watch and wait for the return of Christ, Jesus implores them over and over again to keep awake. 

Scripture: Mark 13:34-37

Reflection: “Etymology of Awake”

Join us during recorded worship or via Zoom as we imagine together what it looks like to keep awake, for the coming of Christ. Have a candle ready, so you can join us in the lighting of the Advent candles.

I look forward to sharing this holy season with you,