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Looking Toward Sunday, December 13, 2020

Canticle of the Turning, which we’ll be singing in worship this Sunday, is one of my favorite hymns. I really like Gaelic/Celtic poetry and music, but this one tops the charts. That is probably because it comes from one of my favorite passages of scripture, sometimes called Mary’s Song, the poem that Mary delivers after she learns she will be the one to carry the Messiah. This small town, unwed mom-to-be delivers a poem about the structures of power and oppression being flipped on their head through the work of God who is “turning the world around.” This week, we light the candle of joy in worship. Mary’s song reminds us that God defies the odds and promises in the end that all will be okay — more than okay really. In God’s promised future the underdogs are raised up, the lowly realize they are truly seen, and all that suppresses the humanity of God’s beautiful children is dismantled and buried. It’s a powerful song of hope and protest.

This week, I explore what Mary must be feeling in the  moment that she realizes that God is doing a brand new thing in her. I hope you will join us. The sanctuary looks beautiful, and I feel certain you’ll find your heart centered in the joy of God’s promised future.

Scripture: Luke 1:44-55

Reflection: “Heart  Stopping Advent”

Wishing you Advent joy. May it fill your heart, and may you sow it with abandon.